iPhone on Verizon

Well, not quite. I was thinking of a way to bring together the best smartphone on the market with the best network. In my opinion, that would be the iPhone and Verizon Wireless, respectively. I think I’ve found a way: iPod touch and MiFi. Let me explain.

The MiFi 2200 is a mobile WiFi device that connects to the 3G network, in this case Verizon’s EV-DO, and provides a WiFi connection. The MiFi goes for US$49.99 and requires a 2-year $60/mo contract. Mate the MiFi with the iPod touch and I think we have something here. There are some limitations.

The MiFi, though five devices can connect to it at once, lasts only four hours with a single connection. Hopefully the 40-hour standby can come in handy. For you to receive calls on Skype or some other VoIP app, you’ll need to have that running: not good. But when you do want to make a call using Skype, send a text message, browse the Internet, etc., you won’t need to search for a nearby McDonald’s or a Barnes and Noble to get connected to a free WiFi link. That’s convenient.

Want to save some money? $60/mo is much more affordable than $85 (550 minutes, 200 text messages, unlimited data plan, technically 5GB/mo). Keep in mind you also get unlimited calls and unlimited text messages with that $60. Over the course of two years, you’re saving about $600, probably more, since taxes are levied more on voice plans. I wonder if there is tax on the data plan… An iPod touch is quite a bit more affordable than an iPhone. And finally, remember you’re on Verizon and not on stinky AT&T. Priceless.

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