AT&T Service Ranked Last

Consumer Reports’ annual survey of wireless customer satisfaction tapping into 50,000 readers representing 26 US cities shows Verizon Wireless at the top, followed by T-Mobile at #2 and Sprint at #3. In last place is AT&T. AT&T was last in San Francisco, New York and 17 other cities. Here’s the conclusion from Consumer Reports:

If you’re readying to buy Apple’s phone, prepare for possible disappointment with its service and expect to love the phone anyway.

Of course AT&T had a rebuttal and pointed to a low churn of only 1.17%. How stupid of AT&T. The comment (second one down) made by Todd Thomas hits the point:

churn is low…mainly because I’m under contract and can’t leave and the iphone won’t work on verizon, where i want to go. churn is NOT what AT&T should look at to determine client happiness.

I believe Todd is absolutely right. Source: All Things Digital