Windows 7 BSOD

Instead of blue it’s black this time and affects most all Windows versions, including Windows 7. So what happens? You login, black screen appears and the computer freezes. Microsoft is, of course, investigating why its latest security updates are causing BSODs. If you’re experiencing BSODs, Microsoft wants you to call its customer service line:

  • 800.642.7676 (Customer Support) and press 0 (zero) until you get a live person
  • 800.936.5700 (Technical Support) and speak “Technical Support” at the first prompt and then “Operator” until transferred.

I got the numbers from Contact Help, checked them and those two numbers definitely connects to Microsoft’s customer service. But you might want to reconsider spending hours with a Microsoft rep and having to reboot several times, run Windows in Safe Mode, uninstall several peripherals and drivers, stop running antivirus programs, etc. There is a “Black Screen Fix” where you download a program and run it. Now this sounds a bit dangerous since it is a downloaded executable: be careful. You can find the program and instructions at Prevx. Hope this helps!

Source: Prevx via BBC, Engadget