Canon Touchscreen DSLR

Canon_Touchscreen_DSLR_Patent_728Canon is attempting to patent a touchscreen that prevents accidental touching when you hold the camera up to your face. Canon’s touchcreen-equipped DSLR would ask you to register your dominant eye and automatically disable the portion of the display most likely to be touched when holding up the camera to your face. The patent includes touch controls for focus detection area, adjustments for flash, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, etc.

Canon is assuming that optical viewfinders will continue to be the de facto standard by which you look at your object on a DSLR: I’m not sure that it will. Display technology is advancing and better displays allow for viewing 100% of the picture frame, wide viewing angles, wide-enough color gamuts, sunglight viewability, durability, etc. We see advanced LCDs and OLEDs on portable as well as large TVs. Incorporating some of the advanced technologies into DSLR displays will only require a demand for it. Of course the UI has to be just right. And there absolutely must be a physical high-quality metallic button for actuations.

Optical or electronic viewfinders will continue to be offered, but as an option, in my opinion. There is the problem of stability when you go from stabilizing at three points (face and two hands) to just two hands but I’m sure Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and others will find a way. So this accidental touch prevention technology is a good idea but it won’t be your nose accidentally touching the touchscreen. Source: Photography Bay via Engadget