Motorola Invests in Sensitive Object

Motorola has invested in Sensitive Objects, a French company that has developed a piezoelectric sensor-based touch technology called Anywhere Multitouch. Anywhere Multitouch extends multitouch capabilities from the screen to the entire device. Reese Schroeder, managing director of Motorola Ventures, is excited:

Natural user interface (NUI) and in particular interacting with a device through touch is an area of rapid development and great excitement. Sensitive Object provides an innovative and unique approach allowing new ways of interaction. We’re most excited to be involved in their growth and success.

I’m guessing this technology applied to an Android smartphone leads to absolutely zero physical buttons. Is that a good thing? Well, anything mechanical will eventually break and with a solid state device it would be much easier to make a device that is both more rugged and more sexy. Let’s see what Motorola does with Anywhere Multitouch. Source: SlashGear via Engadget