FCC Asks Verizon a Few Questions

Verizon recently increased its ETF (Early Termination Fee) from US$175 to $350. The FCC has some questions. A few of the more interesting ones:

  • How can customers learn about the formula for prorating the ETF?
  • It appears that if a customer cancels a two-year contract after 23 months, the customer would still owe an ETF of $120. Is this correct?
  • What criteria does Verizon Wireless use to decide which devices and service plans are subject to the increased EFT? (Translated: What constitutes an “advanced device”?)
  • In light of a recent New York Times article (that would be David Pogue’s “Verizon: How Much Do You Charge Now?“) suggesting that customers may be charged $1.99 for inadvertently accessing Verizon Wireless’s Mobile Web, we would like to better understand the terms and conditions of such access.

After Verizon Wireless answers these questions I have a feeling the FCC will have quite a bit more. Source: FCC (PDF) via Engadget