mintpass mintpad: A Simple Cute Touch PMP


I had to take another look at the mintpad from mintpass. It has a simple and elegant design without any clutter. I’m a sucker for simple and elegant. The mintpad is a very cute nicely designed PMP powered by a 400MHz ARM9 CPU. The 2.86-inch touch-enabled TFT LCD sports a 320 x 240 resolution and can display 262K colors. One of the things you can do on the mintpad is draw, with a stylus. Remember when you used to draw in your notebook when you were bored to death in class? I think that’s what the mintpad’s drawing capabilities are for. You can do other things like take pictures or videos, watch Internet TV, organize your business cards, schedule something, view text (kind of an ebook reader), record your voice, play games, look at pictures, or listen to music. Source: mintpass