JooJoo Hands On


Image source: Wired

A bunch of phrases describing the JooJoo experience. Beautiful hardware. Fast boot: 9 seconds. Slimmer than MacBook Air. Homepage divided into three: Be connected, Be informed, More apps.

  • Be connected: Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Be informed: The New York Times, Reuters, AOL, CNN, etc.
  • More apps: Google Docs, Yahoo, Hulu, etc.

One USB port, headphone out, microphone in. UI: Elegant, simple, easy to use. Virtual keyboard.

Gestures: Zoom out switches between tabs. Zoom in pinch takes you to home screen. Weird.

Flash support. WiFi only. Accelerometer on-board. SLOW: Seem terribly slow. Slow to respond. A little buggy.


  • No local storage.
  • No PDF.
  • No creating documents.
  • No offline gaming.
  • No cool apps from independent developers.

Here’s my take: I think JooJoo is a bit of a foofoo and here’s some suggestions to get it back on track: Use Android or Chrome OS, make it faster, add 3G. The use of Android forces standard gestures, a good thing. Independent developers can get on-board right away and start developing some cool apps. 3G connectivity means you’re online all the time, which I think is a required premise for a device like the JooJoo. Terribly slow? That just isn’t acceptable: make it faster by using a standard chip like a Snapdragon.

Source: Wired