Simon & Schuster Goes Backwards

The Wall Street Journal: Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy announced that digital versions of 35 of its major releases in early 2010 will come out four months after the physical release. One of the main motivations behind this decision is to maximize profits. For instance a hardcover can command a significantly higher price than a paperback. And paperback is pricier than the digital version. Money concerns has led Simon & Schuster to make the wrong decision about digital books.

What type of customer purchases a Kindle? Someone who is an avid reader. Someone who enjoys near-instant access to purchased books and especially new releases. Not to disrespect Simon & Schuster’s CEO but clearly she has not done her homework! Or maybe someone didn’t do a good enough job researching the digital book revolution for her. Avid readers will want the digital version on their Kindle as fast as possible. And if it is a really good book some of them, maybe a lot of them, will want to purchase an archival version, a real one, to complement the digital one. By artificially delaying digital releases Simon & Schuster is going backwards and other publishers will leave this company in the digital dust.