Electrolux UltraSilencer Music Edition Concept


I plug my ears and listen to music from my iPhone when I vacuum. That’s because the Animal from Dyson is very loud. But do I want my vacuum to be silent? I’m not sure. I think automobiles are similar. I like the roar of an engine: some convey animal-like strength and power while others signal technological prowess. I’m personally not a fan of hybrid cars that move along without a sound.

Back to vacuums. Although I associate sound with power it’s not quite as linear as it is with vacuums. I would like them to be less loud but I wouldn’t want the sound to disappear altogether.

But it seems Electrolux doesn’t see it the way I do. The company has introduced a vacuum called UltraSilencer. According to the company it is very quiet. Electrolux has even gone a step ahead and developed a UltraSilencer Music Edition: you can listen to music coming straight out of its stereo speakers via your iPod taking a ride in the Music Edition’s built-in dock. Electrolux has conducted a study showing we do a better job vacuuming while listening to music, with proof: a video. The findings?

  • Hip movements.
  • More calories burned.
  • Hard rock got the job done faster.
  • Jazz made people more thorough.

If your husband does the vacuuming and you’ve been wanting him to lose some weight and do a better job at vacuuming, I’m sure this is music to your ears. And if you happen to have kids, the UltraSilencer sans music is “sleeping kids-compatible”. Source: Electrolux via Engadget