Exemode SQ28m Pocket Digital Camera


Exemode’s SQ28m Pocket Digital Camera is small–small enough that it fits on your keychain. The exact size is 53 x 23 x 19mm. It takes video at 320 x 240 pixel format at 8fps. With no audio. And pictures at a weird 1200 x 1280. Cost Â¥5,985 (about US$67). Comes in two colors: red, blue.

The video is kind of retro-nice. But I fear my kids will one day ask me, “Why is the video quality so bad on this one?” And maybe I’m a sucker for cubes like Steve J., but I’d like to see Exemode come out with one that’s a cube, in black, white or aluminum. Source: Exemode (Google translated from Japanese to English), YouTube via Engadget