CES 2010: NVIDIA to Showcase 3D Blu-ray Tech

NVIDIA will showcase 3D Blu-ray playback technologies at CES 2010. NVIDIA and movie playback software developers including Arcsoft (TotalMedia Theatre), Corel (WinDVD), Cyberlink (PowerDVD Ultra) and Sonic (Roxio CinePlayer BD) have been working together to develop programs that support 3D Blu-ray titles, which are limited to just a few as of today (see “3D Blu-ray Titles“). Major titles in 3D Blu-ray will be hitting stores in 2010. We can expect to see many 3D Blu-ray titles at CES 2010 including ones that will work with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision.

NVIDIA has successfully demonstrated playback of 3D content encoded with the AVC Multi-View Codec or AVC-MVC, which is expected to be used to encode 3D content onto Blu-ray disks.

To experience 3D Blu-ray you will need a few things and the complete hardware compatibility list can be found at NVIDIA’s 3D Vision site. Acer will be the first to market with 1080p LCD monitors with its GD245HQ and GD235HZ 3D monitors according to NVIDIA. 3D will be big and I am beyond excited to go see Avatar in 3D. Source: DIGITIMES