Ressurect Your Dead iPhone


DEAD WITHOUT JUICE CES 2010 is coming up. If you’re planning to use your iPhone, it will most likely die around 3pm desperately trying to find a signal. I hear AT&T signals are a very rare breed in Las Vegas. One solution might be to buy a battery case (I have a list of a few if you’re interested), but I’ve seen my friend SooSang’s and it is an ugly sight. Sure it doubles the battery power, but the sheer visual pain! So, no battery case for my sexy iPhone 3G. So you have a dead iPhone with zero juice. You look everywhere in the huge Las Vegas Convention Center and there is absolutely no power outlet in sight. What to do?

GREEN POWER Easy Energy has a solution for you: YoGen, a hand-powered charger that works with iPhones, iPods, digital cameras, GPS devices, etc. You also get the benefit of exercise, lots of it. Here are the specs:

  • Size: 55 x 90 x 23 mm (2.1 x 3.5 x 0.9 inch)
  • Max Power: 5W typical, up to 6W
  • Electric output via built-in mini-USB
  • Spiral master cable + interchangeable connector tips for most popular cell-phones and other hand-held electrical devices
  • A LED indicator showing actual charging the electronic device being connected to.
  • A slider switch alternating between forced and regular charging mode
  • Rugged and tough enough to withstand constant use.

YOGEN MAX You need to charge your notebook PC? Then move up to the YoGen MAX and start working out your leg muscles. Here’s a challenge for you: try to do both!

$40 The YoGen comes in clear or black and you get to choose from two sets of connector tips: Apple + mini-USB or a set that supports LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson + micro-USB. Price is a decent US$39.99 and available at the YoGen Store. Source: Easy Energy via Engadget