LaCie Rikiki: World’s Smallest 2.5-inch External Drive


LaCie: Rikiki, which means ‘tiny’ in French is the world’s smallest 2.5-inch external drive according to the company. Let’s compare the dimensions to the newly-announced Seagate Momentus Thin Laptop Hard Drive (ST92503010AS). Rikki’s stats are on the left and the Momentus Thin’s are on the right, in mm (inch).

  • Length: 109.7 vs 100.55 (4.3 vs 3.959)
  • Width: 75 vs 70.1 (2.9 vs 2.76)
  • Height: 13.4 vs 7.0 (0.5 vs 0.276)
  • Weight: 158g vs 92g (5.57 oz vs 3.248 oz)

As you can tell the Rikiki, true to its name, is quite small and matches up quite well to the thinnest bare 2.5-inch  on the planet. The Rikiki is bus-powered and connected via USB. Comes in 250 ($74.99), 500 ($109.99) and 640GB ($149.99) sizes. The 500GB version is the best deal at 4.54GB/$. If you’re traveling light and want to bring your entire photo or video collection the Rikiki, or two, should be at the top of your packing list. By the way, how about an engraving option to label our pretty drives?

What’s with the orange-colored indicator? Instead, I would like a MacBook Pro-like white LED-lit thin slit that disappears when not in use. Can I get the Rikiki in uncolored aluminum to bring down the weight a bit more? Thanks.