LG + SkyLife = 3D TV


3D TV GOING LIVE: LG and SkyLife (Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting) will work together to set 3D broadcasting standards for content, devices, and technologies. 3D TV trials will start in South Korea and then permeate to North Amercia and Europe in 2010 and a year later to South America, Central America and the rest of Asia. The two will also develop technologies that “don’t cause eye strain or dizziness”. That’s good.

3D TV SETS IN 2010: LG plans to introduce 3D TVs in 2010 with sizes ranging from 42 inches to 72 inches. Currently the company has a 47-inch LCD 3D TV on the market, the 47LH503D. You’ll still need to put on shutter glasses to experience 3D from these TVs.

PS: What’s up with this guy’s hair? My recommendation for LG and SkyLife: get younger more hip guys and gals to put on 3D glasses and do the demonstrations. That would sell a lot better in my opinion.