Philco PC: Retro Cool Concept

THE ALLURE OF SIMPLE: I was searching through eBay for a Bell Western Electric rotary telephone today. Something about the simple design, reminding me of simpler days, the fact that you have to wait a bit after each digit helping me to take things a bit slower… all of it is very alluring. Another object that I plan on winning on eBay is an old Braun Quartz alarm clock–it’s a bit more modern but the simple design and the fact that it was purposefully built for just two things (telling time and waking you up) makes me want, no, need one.

RETRO & COOL: The Philco PC concept doesn’t quite bring about as intense a desire as the two aforementioned products, but it is still very retro-cool. The retro PC concept was designed by SchultzeWORKS design studio, located in Pasadena, CA, and inspired by:

  • The 1954 TV design classic.
  • Antique typewriters.
  • Steampunk objects.

A FEW CHANGES: If this Philco PC Concept was available today and made of solid materials (that doesn’t include cheap plastic), loses the orange color, used wood with piano black lacquer as the chassis material, changed the button and dial with ones made of aluminum (or stainless steel) I think it would do quite well. Source: SchultzeWORKS via Yanko Design, Engadget