Verizon Botches Free WiFi

jkOnTheRun: A few months ago in July, Verizon Wireless started offering free WiFi access on the Boingo network to Verizon home broadband customers. T-Mobile was first but then lost Starbucks to AT&T and now Verizon is trying to catch up. But Verizon botched it: it is Windows only. But that’s not all.

You must use the VZ Access Manager software to get connected to the free WiFi. It has been almost two years since I’ve been a Verizon customer but I don’t miss the VZ Access Manager software at all. Why do you even need an additional layer of crap software when Windows can do it just fine by itself? And the weird part of all this is that there is already a Mac version of the crappy software. Will I run Parallels, load Windows, run VZ Access Manager on my MacBook Pro just to get on Boingo’s free WiFi network from Verizon? Heck no! I’ll stick with the free WiFi at Starbucks I get from being an AT&T customer. On my iPhone I even get auto-logged in. Caffeine and free WiFi: a perfect combination.