Acme Electronics Add Sapphire Capacity

Acme_Electronics_Sapphire_Cyrstal_Substrate_ManufacturerAcme Electronics, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of inductors, plans to double its sapphire crystal substrate capacity in 2010. This is in response to an increase for LED demand. Acme expects its sapphire crystal production line running at full utilization through Q2’10.

MORE THAN DOUBLE: The company’s capacity will hit 80,000mm per month by year’s end and up to 90,000mm in Q1’10. An additional 30,000mm of capacity will be added each quarter after that with a final capacity of 180,000mm per month of sapphire crystal substrates by the end of 2010. Acme has targeted Taiwan-based LED chip makers but will expand to potential customers in South Korea.

GROWING DEMAND: Demand for LED will most definitely continue to increase as the wholesale shift from CCFL to LED as a lightsource to LCD panels will be applied to all applications including huge LCD TVs, LCD monitors and notebook PCs. Source: DIGITIMES