Mobile Internet Space Dominated by Apple


FASTEST IN HISTORY: Mary Meeker and a bunch of Morgan Stanley analysts concluded that the iPhone, iPod touch, iTunes trifecta has experienced the fastest rate of adoption of any new technology in history. Conclusion: Apple has a massive lead of 2 or 3 years over its competition.

57 MILLION: In just 9 quarters, the installed base of the iPhone and iPod touch grew to 57 million users. As a comparison, DoCoMo’s installed base was 25 million users, Netscape was 11 million and AOL was 7 million in the same time frame. The Nintendo Wii, DS and Sony’s PSP don’t even come close.

IPHONE ATTACK: 65% of HTML mobile pageviews come from the iPhone. Android was a distant second at 8% followed by Symbian with 7%. This is all the more incredible when you note the iPhone’s global unit share of smartphones is just 17%, tiny compared to Symbian’s 45%. Even RIM has a higher unit share at 21%.

SOCIAL & MOBILE FUSION: Mobile Internet will be the overlap between social networking and mobile devices. In other words it is the overlap between 430 million Facebook users and the 57 million iPhone users. Add to that 200 million iTunes subscribers. Source: AppleInsider