“LED TV” Sales Top 4 Million in China

DigiTimes: China’s potential to become the largest market for TVs is real and will be coming soon. According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, “LED TV” (LCD TV with LED backlight) sales will top 4 million units in China in 2010, a quadrupling from 2009. During the Lunar New Year holiday, Suning Appliance, the largest IT and CE retail chain in Chain, expects 20% of total TV sales to sport a LED backlight.

Overall LCD TV sales in China is expected to balloon 37% Y/Y to 31.5 million units in 2010 according to GfK China. Sales in 2009 is expected to be around 23 million. Local brands dominate the Chinese TV market with a market share of 73.3% in 2009. This trend is expected to continue in 2010. GfK China also noted the government stimulus program helped 37-inch and smaller LCD TV sales and will account for 61.1% of total unit sales in 2009. The Chinese government will be increasing the subsidy amount that will most likely lead to larger LCD TV sales in 2010.