Cowon V5 HD


Cowon V5 HD is a 4.8-inch PMP sporting a non-HD 800 x 480 pixel format. So what’s with the HD in the name? It outputs 720p HD video via its HDMI connection. I don’t like this trend: if the product is remotely connected to anything HD then you put that in the name. Just call it Cowon V5 HD-Out. Same goes for Zune HD.

Aside from the shady name, here are the specs: Windows CE 6.0, H.264 720p HD out via HDMI, up to 32GB, SDHC slot, DMB tuner, 197 grams, 128 x 82 x 15.7 mm. The V5 HD looks nice and clean with no buttons on the face of the unit but that means you’ll be hunting for buttons for the first few days. Source: Akihabara News