Acer Aspire 1820PTZ Convertible Notebook Reviewed


The Aspire 1820PTZ from Acer wants to be a Jack of all trades, but ends up being not really good at anything. The display is terrible, especially in portrait mode. Multitouch is so-so. And why would you get a convertible notebook PC if those two things are bad?

SO SO: If want to be bored out of your mind, there is an extremely boring video of Acer’s Aspire 1820PTZ convertible notebook PC booting into Windows 7. It takes about 1 minute 35 seconds to boot and load the side bar: feels slow. Looks to have an accelerometer with auto-adjusting display based on portrait or landscape modes. Other notables: tons of bloatware, so-so keyboard, multitouch experience not so great, decent performance for general use, solid casing. Multitouch on Windows 7 seems to be forced. Using a stylus to navigate the tiny icons and menu items seems torturous. I cannot imagine how painful it would be to use your finger. I personally do not consider resizing and rotating my pictures with my fingers all that fun, or productive. A gimmick is what it is.

LCD NEEDS HELP: Most importantly the LCD is less-than ideal thanks to the extra layer of film for touch. The color is off and the contrast wasn’t that good. Viewing angles were also quite limited especially in portrait mode. I’ve written about the w2408h 24-inch LCD monitor from HP (and the debranded version) and that you should not use it in portrait mode since it will make your eyes very sore. I believe the display is the most important component to any notebook PC because I interface with the notebook via the display every time I use it. It seems you will be somewhat disappointed with the Aspire 1820PTZ’s display if you plan to use it extensively. Source: VR Zone via Engadget