I’m Going To Let The Letter To The FCC Speak For Us

The words of Jeffrey Nelson (the title of this post), Verizon’s public relations manager, after David Pogue asked him:

But you’re saying that you don’t charge that $1.99 fee! Yet it’s happened to hundreds of my readers, and it’s happened to me. So what are we missing?

Then Nelson replies with the title of this post. Verizon Wireless replied to the FCC’s request to explain itself regarding its tasteless business practice of charging $1.99 for accidentally pushing a strategically-placed Internet-connect button. Once connected, you’re on the hook for $1.99. Verizon basically said that it does not do it. I wonder what happens to a company when it lies to the FCC.

I can personally attest to Verizon’s lousy billing system that adds bogus line items almost every month that we had cellular service with the company. I don’t know how many hours we spent on the phone with Verizon trying to sort out the bill. Every month. We don’t do that anymore; we’re on AT&T. Source: The New York Times (Pogue’s Posts)