FCC Unsatisfied Troubled at Verizon’s Answers

FCC’s commissioner Mignon Clyburn isn’t too happy with Verizon’s answers to the FCC’s questions about the ETFs and phantom fees for inadvertently pressing a key to launch Verizon’s mobile Internet service. Her exact words:

The company’s answers, however, are unsatisfying and, in some cases, troubling.

Why? Verizon basically said that the increased ETF is to pay for “advertising costs, commissions for sales personnel, and store costs”. So the ads you saw trashing AT&T’s 3G coverage is paid by you, the Verizon advanced devices customer. The ETF is normally used solely to recoup the cost of the wireless device. Verizon also said that it does not practice charging phantom fees for accidental Internet connections. I call BS and so did the FCC:

These issues cannot be ignored… I look forward to exploring this issue in greater depth with my colleagues in the New Year.

I guess that means Verizon will be getting a bit more than just letters from the FCC in 2010. Source: FCC (PDF) via Engadget