Paradigm Shift EER-051, EER-071: 5-inch, 7-inch Color eBook Readers

Engadget: Paradigm Shift’s EER-051 and EER-071 ebook readers are based on low-energy consumption 5-inch and 7-inch LCDs, respectively. Both ereaders are expected to ship in February via Delstar for US$149.95 for the EER-051 and $199.95 for the EER-071.

Do we need an ebook reader that lasts a week? Are we willing to sacrifice color? The answer seems to be yes and yes for a lot of folks looking at how the Kindle has sold. But for me, it’s no and no. All I need is about 24 hours–about the time I would need to get to a power outlet even when I’m out and about. Color? Absolutely, because I want to read but not just black and white text.