GSM Call Encryption Code Cracked

GSM connections are protected by a 64-bit encryption algorithm that was developed in 1988. Karsten Nohl, a German computer engineer, cracked the algorithm via brute force. The GSM Association’s solution? Operators should modify the existing code to re-secure their networks. And that would mean the re-secured GSM networks would be vulnerable to another brute-force crack. Time to upgrade to the 128-bit key, which the GSM Association has had available since 2007. Source: The New York Times via Phone News, Engadget

Nexus One: Bluetooth Car Dock

The Nexus One seems to be making the most of Bluetooth. We have the Bluetooth desktop dock and now the Bluetooth car dock according to the FCC. I’m glad Google is going this direction as a complete Bluetooth solution would get rid of a lot of cables. Source: FCC via Engadget

Google: Android Press Conference January 5

With the launch of the first Android-powered device just over a year ago, we’ve seen how a powerful, open platform can spur mobile product innovation. And this is just the beginning of what’s possible.

Most of the press will be having a busy day on the 5th: attend Google’s press conference and then fly out to Vegas for lots and lots of press conferences on the 6th. Most will agree that Google will announce the Nexus One. Source: Engadget

Shuttle: New Notebook Ecosystem

DigiTimes: On December 29, 2009 Shuttle announced the formation of the New Notebook Ecosystem (NNE) alliance, which aims to integrate supply chain resources and offer two series of notebooks. The two are the standard PCB assembly (SPA) and the micro-SPA series. In 2010 the NNE alliance plans to announce notebooks designs that support seven different display sizes. There will be challenges: negotiating joint procurement. In my opinion, most of these alliances fail due to the complexities of administering them; the better option is to purchase a smaller notebook manufacturer to gain leverage in procuring components, reduce costs and increase value by offering what early adopters want and will pay extra for.

LG Display Invests in Hydis

LG Display (LGD) will be investing in Hydis, a Prime View International (PVI) subsidiary, by purchasing US$18.3M in zero coupon bonds and $12.2M in bonds with a 4% coupon rate. LGD and Hydis will also share certain patents via a cross-licensing agreement. Source: DIGITIMES

Innolux Supply Apple Tablet LCD

DIGITIMES: Innolux, a Foxconn subsidiary, will be LCD supplier to Apple’s rumored tablet. We’ll call it iSlate. According to DIGITIMES, the iSlate was delayed because Apple wanted a stronger glass for the 10.1-inch LCD. I’m guessing Corning’s Gorilla glass could have helped with that, but no. G-Tech Optoelectronics, a Foxconn subsidiary, will tapped to strengthen the glass. DIGITIMES estimates product introduction in January and volume production in late Q1 or early Q2. And guess who gets to put together the iSlate? Foxconn.