Samsung NX System NX10 Hybrid DSLR


The NX system from Samsung does not have a reflex mirror, similar to the Micro Four Thirds system. What is different from Micro Four Thirds is the use of APS-C-sized image sensor that are found in most traditional DSLRs. By eliminating the reflex mirror, Samsung has reduced the flange-back (lens mount to sensor) distant from 45.5mm on its GX-20 to just 25.5mm on the NX10. The all-live view system allows for much thinner bodies. Here are the specs:

  • 15.1MP APS-C CMOS Image Sensor (14.6MP Effective Pixels)
  • 720P H.264 30FPS Movie Capture
  • Contrast-Detect Autofocus
  • 3.0-inch AMOLED 614,000-Dot PenTile Pixel Format
  • 912,000-Dot Electronic Viewfinder
  • 30mm F2 Pancake and 18-55mm Standard Zoom Options

Other lens options will include 30mm, 18-55mm, 50-200mm at launch. And there will be two dedicated flashguns: SEF20A, SEF42A. Now if Samsung makes a Panasonic GF-1-like NX system-based camera, I think that would shake things up quite a bit. Source: DPReview, Engadget