HP Mini 210, Mini 2101 Netbooks


Engadget: HP’s Mini 210 netbook sports a 10.1-inch LCD in standard (1024 x 600) or Brightview Infinity HD LED (1366 x 768). Intel’s new Pine Trail Atom N450 runs at 1.66GHz. The Mini 210 comes in four colors: Black Crystal, Silver Crystal, Pacific Blue, Sonoma Red. If you want a simple black that’s what the Mini 2101 is for.

Maximum RAM is limited at just 1GB and hard drive capacities top out at 320GB. The built-in VGA port is your link to 1080p HD content via the optional Crystal HD Enhanced Video Accelerator from Broadcom. Other options include 3G and GPS. One of the unique features of the Mini 210 is the rubbery paint job, which should make it more difficult to slip out of your hands.

Although just 10.1 inches the Mini 210 is not so mini when it comes to weight at 2.69 pounds and it is quite thick at slightly less than 1 inch. To compare, the much larger 13.3-inch MacBook Air is just 3.0 pounds and 0.76 inch thick. Yes, I am comparing apples to oranges since the MacBook Air is quite a bit more expensive, but my problem with these portly netbooks is that they are, well, portly. Is it too much to expect an elegantly designed thin and light netbook for about $300? Maybe.