Nexus One: Flash 10.1 Beta

FLASH + NEXUS ONE = MOBILE HULU: In my very humble opinion, Adobe’s Flash is at its best on Hulu. 🙂 Flash 10.1 Beta is shown working on the newly released Nexus One superphone (YouTube link). Although Flash-based ads are a necessary evil to monetize websites (some Google AdSense ads on DisplayBlog use Flash) too many of them will certainly slow down the site and degrade the overall experience.

FLASH = DATA TRAFFIC: Although Flash can certainly be further optimized to prevent CPU-hogging, it is also the responsibility of website designers to put a reasonable limit on Flash-based ads to maintain a certain degree of site usability. This becomes much more important and urgent for sites since Android smartphones will begin en mass surfing the net. I wonder how T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless 3G networks will hold up to the significant increase in traffic. Source: Engadget