Nexus One: Superphone

Engadget: Mobile Phone, Full Featured Phone, Smartphone… and now Superphone. That’s what Google is calling the Nexus One. What makes a phone a superphone? Maybe we can get a clue from what makes a man, Superman.

First, super-human strength. The Nexus One has one of the most powerful CPUs: a 1GHz Snapdragon. As you have seen from videos all over the Internet, the Nexus One is quite fast even when crazily moving about in the maps app.

Second, x-ray vision. The Nexus One packs a 5MP camera with a LED flash. But that’s nothing special since there are smartphones from Samsung and LG that has had that feature for quite some time. But compared to the reigning smartphone, the iPhone, there is a lot more going in terms of pure hardware capability.

Third, Superman is good, not evil. The Open Handset Alliance has, “more than 20 devices across 59 carriers in 48 countries and 19 languages.” What that tells me is that Google is open to working with a bunch of companies to make sure that Android superphones of the future are stronger, faster and good, meaning that the OS, hardware, and ultimately the experience will be completely open to them for further development. On the other hand, the iPhone OS will continue to be solely developed by Apple and all you get to do is develop apps for that.

What if we worked even more closely with our partners to bring devices to the market that are going to help showcase very quickly the technology we’re working at on Google.

And that’s exactly what Google has done with the Nexus One. Google, as a company, is probably the most prolific in trying. Trying all sorts of whacky ideas and bringing them to the world so everyone can try it, test it, and give feedback to Google so the company can continue developing them. Combine testers from the world with a high concentration of very smart engineers and I’m guessing the next generation of superphones, Nexus Two, Three, Four, etc. will continue to exhibit superphone qualities in increasing measure.

Our design objective is simplicity.

I like simple. I really like it that I can get a Nexus One, unlocked, directly from Google. But there is one thing that I would like to see in the very near future: an unlocked Nexus One that can work on any cellular network in the world. I don’t think it’s too much to ask from a global powerhouse like Google with all of its hardware super-hero friends.