Rumor: HP-Built Microsoft Courier To Be Unveiled Tomorrow


The New York Times via Engadget: Have you seen videos of Microsoft’s Courier multimedia dual-screen slate? (YouTube link) It is almost unbelievably cool. Unbelievable because it is coming from Microsoft, who has made gazillions copying others, not creating things new. Rumor has it that Microsoft will be unveiling a HP-built Courier at CES. I hope it does because I think competition will help drive massive innovation in this space, a space that should bring big smiles to those who like to take handwritten notes, draw, scrap, etc.

I just purchased a Cachet classic sketchbook for exactly the same purpose for $7.95 at Barnes & Noble. I bought this one among many because it exuded quality, was made in England using Canford paper. I will probably continue to buy notepads at the beginning of each year even if there was something like Microsoft’s Courier on the market. Why? Because I like the feel of pen/pencil on high-quality paper. And because something like the Courier would be significantly more expensive than $7.95, require daily recharging, monthly back ups, annual upgrades and a single drop on concrete or coffee spill would ruin it, driving me insane. A rugged version with a design equally nice however…