VIZIO XVTPRO720SV: 72-inch 3D WirelessHD LCD TV


Engadget: VIZIO will be bringing out its 72-inch XVTPRO720SV LCD TV in August. The 480Hz LCD TV will be feature 3D, WirelessHD, VIZIO Internet Apps, WiFi N but for not so much: US$3499.

3D is based on SENSIO technology and Bluetooth-synchronized active shutter XpanD LCD glasses. A VIZIO XVT Pro Wireless HDMI Adapter will be available separately to pump video from four HDMI sources using the 60GHz band. I am glad to see VIZIO moving toward a simpler design theme for its high-end XVT series. I just hope the VIZIO logo doesn’t light up, which is very distracting in a dark room.