LG LE9500 Series LCD TV


Engadget: The bezel on the LE9500 is almost non-existent! Just 8.5mm to be exact. The LE9500 series LCD TVs from LG sports a fantastic external industrial design. LG coupled the ultra-simple design with some heavy duty technology: LED backlight with local dimming, 3D, optional wireless HDMI, 480Hz, THX certification, NetCast (VUDU, Netflix, DLNA, Skype, etc.). The LE9500 series come in two sizes: 47-inch and 55-inch.

Regardless of what it looks from the side or the back, I think LG has a winner here with its LE9500 series. Apple’s Jony Ive mentioned in a recent iMac video marveling the all-encompassing display:

The entire front of the new iMac is just dominated by this incredible new 16:9 display… It’s just display then no display. That’s it.

Well, Ive will certainly be looking very hard at the LE9500 and how unbelievably thin the bezel is. Now this is what I call being dominated by the display. Simply beautiful.

I am very curious as to whether the LE9500 is using an edge-lit or direct-lit LED backlight. Is it possible to get the bezels that thin with edge-lit LED? Just look at what this TV is capable of, including 3D, wireless HDMI, coupled with 480Hz and local dimming! The price will certainly be quite high but this is the first TV in a long while that has seriously piqued my interest: I want one.