Panasonic 3D VIERA Plasma TVs


Panasonic will be shipping five 3D VIERA plasma TVs in the spring of 2010:

  • 50-inch: TC-P50VT20, TC-P50VT25
  • 54-inch: TC-P54VT25
  • 58-inch: TC-P65VT25
  • 65-inch: TC-P65VT25

FEATURES GALORE: These 3D plasma TVs feature a 600Hz sub-field drive and alternating imagery is pumped out at 60fps to each eye. Other features include VIERA CAST (Internet programming package including Amazon Video on Demand, Bloomberg News, Fox Sports, Netflix, Skype, etc.), VIERA Link, VIERA Image Viewer, SD slot, THX Certified Display certification, 100,000-hour half-life (double the normal lifetime of LCD TVs and plasma TVs).

JUST ONE? A single pair of Panasonic 3D Eyewear will be included. I hope Panasonic has a 5-pack of 3D glasses for sale when these 3D VIERA plasma TVs become available. The external design, at least from this picture, looks solid but old. It might have been better to keep it even more simple and rid the bottom of that extra white-ish line. 3D seems to be here to stay and if that is the case it seems plasma will be able to effectively compete with LCD. Source: Engadget