Pink PSP-3000


REMOVABLE? “Spring Blossom Pink” is the name of the pink PSP-3000 that just got official in Japan with an availability date of March 2010. The color itself is quite sophisticated, but there is a better way to do this. Here are my thoughts about color: allow the front face of the PSP-3000 to be removable and then certify third-party manufacturers. This way you get an almost unlimited variety of colors and patterns. Of course the buttons will need to stay black.

FEMALE GAMERS: I’m not sure if it was the smartest thing for Sony to target female gamers with a pink PSP-3000. If the PSP-3000 was a fashion item, I think a pink color would definitely be needed, but fashion item the PSP-3000 is not. If you’re more interested in listening to music or watching movies or want to be more fashionable there are better options: iPod touch or Zune HD. Source: Playstation Japan via Engadget Japan, Engadget