Toshiba T115: 11.6-inch Ultraportable


The T115 from Toshiba is a 11.6-inch ultraportable that can sport AMD’s Neo, Turion or Intel’s Pentium SU4100 CPUs. The AMD-based versions start at just US$450. The T115 weighs 3.5 pounds (light but not light enough in my opinion) and is slightly less than an inch thick. The The Pentium is less power-hungry and allows the battery to run for up to 9 hours while the AMD CPUs last a bit less for 6 hours. You can couple the AMD CPUs with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 GPU if you’re in need of better graphics performance. Engadget wasn’t too thrilled with all the gloss, plastic-y feel and the slightly mushy keyboard.

I think the value proposition of the T115 is excellent with netbook-busting performance at a netbook price. Source: Engadget