CES 2010: Plastic Logic QUE proReader

Engadget: Paul Miller took the QUE proReader from Plastic Logic for a spin and came away with some observations:

  • Solid interface.
  • Very responsive touchscreen keyboard.
  • Near perfect functionality.

I’m not sure I like the cluttered UI. A bunch of large icons representing Excel, PowerPoint, USA Today, etc. are available for you to touch (for about a 1/2 second to make sure). I think Plastic Logic can tidy up that front page a bit. The overall menu system could add a touch more simplicity and elegance. Speaking of touch… touch responsiveness is quite slow at around 1 second, which I think is a bit too long to make it a productive tool. That E Ink delay is barely adequate for reading without having the delay disrupt the pleasure of reading. The QUE proReader seems to be a solid first attempt by Plastic Logic but I think there’s a lot more work to be done if these ereaders are to be picked up by professionals needing to get work done.