CES 2010: Sony VAIO F 16.4-inch Notebook


cnet: The Sony VAIO F is a handsome 16.4-inch notebook PC sporting a 1920 x 1080 pixel format. A unique option of the VAIO F is a recordable Blu-ray drive. I wonder if Sony’s movie division will have a fit. GPU power comes from NVIDIA’s GeForce GT300M while CPU duties are carried on by Intel’s Core i7-720QM.

Another interesting feature is the company’s Transfer Jet technology. Place a compatible digital camera on a specified spot on the wrist rest area on the VAIO F and photos wirelessly gets transferred. How neat is that? Of course, you’ll need both the new VAIO F and a Transfer Jet-capable digital camera from Sony. I hope Sony open sources its Transfer Jet technology but I’m not holding my breath.

I have shared my preference for a centered keyboard on notebook PCs, but it is unfortunate to see the left-shifted keyboard and trackpad on the new VAIO F. How many users really need the numeric keypad? I don’t know of many, unless you’re working behind a retail counter, where I don’t see the VAIO F spending much time. The VAIO F starts around US$1000 and can be pre-ordered on Sony’s site.