HP Snapdragon Android Smartbook

ANDROID SMARTBOOK: Qualcomm and HP unveiled HP’s first Snapdragon-based Android smartbook. According to jkkmobile the smartbook is very light, slim and sports a solid design. Other specs include a resistive touchscreen, 3G, GPS, WiFi and a battery life for all-day computing. One interesting feature of the smartbook is the addition of three buttons near the trackpad: menu, home, and back buttons to make it work more seamlessly with the Android OS.

BIG SMARTPHONE: The right expectations are key to the success of Android smartbooks. What are they? Think of Android smartbooks as smartphones with a much larger display and a much larger keyboard and nothing more. The one big difference being the ability, or inability, to easily make phone calls on smartbooks. But that might not last all that long as we have seen what Skype can do with HDTVs. I think sub-$200 smartbooks might take away a good chunk of sales away from netbooks. Source: Qualcomm via Unwired View