Andy Ihnatko: “Thoughts on what an Apple tablet should be – or not”

A great read for those of us who want to know as much as possible about the rumored Apple tablet, which Andy refers to as RAT. Here are the major sub-sections:

  • The RAT will have a “slate” form factor.
  • The price will be above $500 but below $800.
  • Like the iPhone, it’ll be a closed system.
  • It’ll be SSD based.
  • A monthly wireless broadband contract will not be required.
  • No hardware keyboard.
  • It’ll run its own OS (based on OS X) but it’ll be part of the iPhone’s app ecosystem.
  • Apple will not sell periodicals and books through the iTunes Store.
  • The RAT will be as completely unlike the iPod Touch and the MacBook as the iPhone was to the iPod and every other smartphone.
  • The RAT will be like a pair of glasses. Not a sheet of paper or a computer screen.
  • But wait just a minute
  • Then again …

I hope Andy is wrong about Apple not directly selling periodicals and books through the iTunes Store. I still think Apple should purchase Zinio and integrate it into the iTunes Store and directly sell not only books but magazine & newspaper subscriptions. via Daring Fireball