MSI Dualscreen UMPC Concept

DUAL SCREEN: 7-inch LCD. Times two. The top one is your regular 7-inch LCD. The bottom one sports multitouch so you can use it as a keyboard, trackpad or anything else that a software developer can conjure up. Windows 7 seem to be the OS but I can see a Hackintosh, Chrome OS or even Android taking its place.

THIN BEZEL PLEASE: Beautiful concept by MSI with what looks like an aluminum chassis designed with simplicity in mind. The only thing that is getting in the way in terms of pure bliss is the extremely thick bezel (in the LCD as well as the LCD cover). Get that as thin as the new LE9500 series from LG and maybe we can get a virtual keyboard that will be large enough for “touch typing”. Or can I get one with dual 13.3-inch OLEDs? Source: Engadget