CES 2010 Palm Pre Plus

Palm: The Plus in the new Palm Pre means 5 things:

  • Verizon, instead of Sprint.
  • Snappier slider mechanism.
  • Clickier keyboard, similar to Pixi.
  • 16GB of storage (8GB more than the original Palm Pre).
  • No front button.

I was mentally counting out Palm with the recent push from the Android crowd (Nexus One and a whole bunch of other phones), but the Palm Pre Plus combined with Verizon (even with the $350 ETF) looks really good.

The iPhone is great but you need to be on AT&T, which is becoming a deal-breaker for a lot. Unlock and jailbreak it and go to T-Mobile? Probably not as good as you’re hoping even with the lower price. Verizon has its issues too (crappy bill management system, $350 ETF on “advanced phones”) but you have to give it to them for the reliability, which is more important than being able to talk and surf at the same time or faster speeds. All of that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a solid data connection.

The other option is Android, but the Palm looks so much more polished and intuitive. I’ve played around with a couple of Android devices at T-Mobile stores and I can’t understand how laggy the touch experience is. Maybe the Nexus One is different but then you’re stuck with T-Mobile until it gets to Verizon in “Spring 2010”. You want a physical keyboard on a smartphone? I think the only real choices are the Palm Pre Plus or a BlackBerry. Both on Verizon. The Palm Pre Plus will be available on Verizon on the 25th of January. How interesting, that’s when my AT&T plan is up. Source: