CES 2010: Samsung 14-inch Transparent OLED Notebook PC

THE FUTURE IS HERE: There are two very cool things going on here. First, the transparency of the display: reminds me of the transparent displays used in the movie Avatar, The Matrix and The Minority Report. The second is the fact that this isn’t an ordinary transparent display; it is an OLED display that is transparent. The OLED is also 14 inches big. Technologically, this 14-inch transparent OLED notebook PC concept from Samsung is quite impressive. I think it would have been even more impressive if there were no bezels. But what would we do with a transparent display on a notebook PC?

NO PRIVACY: Privacy issues come to mind. I regularly go to cafes, bookstores and public libraries to blog and I wouldn’t want everyone around me to know what I’m writing. Not that I’m trying to hide something but it seems too open for anyone to see, albeit reversed, my every move.

TRANSPARENT OLED SMARTPHONE: Rather than implement a transparent OLED display into a notebook PC the better platform would have been a smartphone. Sure, there is that possibility that someone would be so curious as to squat down in front of you to get a glimpse at what you’re doing, but that’s a possibility only theoretically and would certainly not happen in real life. With a transparent OLED display on a smartphone you could implement augmented reality. The main challenge in a gadget like that would be to cram all the chips that usually resided behind the display to somewhere else. I just thought of another idea: a transparent (multitouch) OLED digital camera.

Thanks for the tip Donghwan!