CES 2010: LG 15-inch OLED TV

LARGEST OLED TV: A TV that’s just 15 inches isn’t much of a TV. Many notebooks are bigger. But the 15-inch TV from LG is not made of a typical LCD. LG showcased its commercially-available and the world’s largest 15-inch OLED TV at CES 2010.

THIN: The major benefit of OLED is thinness. Yes, despite LCD’s best efforts OLED is much much thinner. How thin? 0.1 inches. 3.2 millimeters. Talk about your TV being flush to the wall. Of course, you wouldn’t want to mount this TV on the wall since you would need to be standing right in front of it to see anything. And therein lies one major identity problem: the slimness is perfect for mounting on the wall but the size is far-from-perfect for that purpose.

IDENTITY? It’s a personal TV. The 15-inch size would fit just right at a desk or in a business-class seat on an airplane. On a desk the TV doesn’t need to be so thin, except for the purpose of bragging. The thinness would definitely be a plus for space-constrained places like on an airplane, but the price isn’t right.

RICH: Exactly who is the 15-inch OLED TV for? Rich people who like state-of-the-art and who don’t mind spending a lot for it. You have a 1000-square foot bathroom? Perfect. This one is waterproof. Source: Wired