Kodak Sues Apple & RIM

SUE SUE SUE: Kodak sued Apple and RIM for infringing its patents on previewing images. Apple is on the hook for a couple more: processing images at different resolutions and computer programs calling to other programs. Kodak has precedent: Sun lost in 2004. What does Kodak want? Just fair license terms.

WHY WAIT? My question to many if not all of these patent infringement cases is: why has it taken so long? Why has it taken so long for Kodak to bring up these patents and engage the alleged perpetrators for fair license deals? Do companies like Kodak wait until the payout is large enough to make a significant difference to their bottom line?

PATENT TROLL: With almost all of its bread and butter businesses faltering I foresee Kodak becoming increasingly more irritating as a patent troll suing only the largest companies to compensate for shrinking revenues. Samsung was a target and now it is RIM and Apple’s turn. Whose next? I’ll tell you: anyone who doesn’t currently have a fair license with Kodak that has gadgets that preview images, process images at different resolutions, and computer programs that call other programs. Yup, pretty much everyone. Source: Businesswire via Engadget