Apple: iPhone Sales Doubled in Q4’09

Mac sales increased to 800 million. iPhone sales doubled to 8.75 million, sold in 86 countries. US$15.68 billion in revenues and $3.38 billion in profits in Q4’09 (FYQ1’10), which was Apple’s all-time highest revenue and profit quarter. The only bad news: overall iPod sales continued to decline, but iPod touch sales were up. Steve Jobs:

The new products we are planning to release this year are very strong, starting this week with a major new product that we’re really excited about.

Note “a major new product” so it will not be a new MacBook, a new iPhone, a new Mac Pro, a new Mac mini, a new iPod, or a new Apple TV: it will be a major new product. Cool.
Tim Cook in response to bad press regarding AT&T:

AT&T is a great partner. It’s important to remember that they have more mobile broadband usage than any other carrier in the world. In the vast majority of places, iPhone customers are getting a great experience. AT&T has acknowledged problems. We’ve personally reviewed their plans to fix it and we’re confident it’ll be handled.

And that means the iPhone isn’t headed to Verizon. Source: Engadget