HTC Supersonic

Whether an actual picture of HTC’s Supersonic or merely a render, HTC’s Android smartphone headed for Sprint looks quite good. And the lack of the idiotic ball found on the Nexus One is a relief. Looking at the Supersonic I wish Apple’s iPhone was a bit more rectangular at the corners, but not as rectangular as the Droid.

Some of the leaked specs include: a 4.3-inch display, WiMAX and Sense. The 4.3-inch display is of the OLED variety. This OLED is 0.6 inches larger than 3.7-inch OLED used in the Nexus One, but the number of pixels should be the same at 800 x 480. Though I have some quibbles about that.

I would prefer  physical buttons instead of the touch versions. Do we really need four buttons? Source: Androphones via Engadget