Welcome iPad!

The iPad.

Our most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.

It looks like a larger version of the iPhone. A lot of the multitouch gestures that Steve Jobs is demonstrating are akin to those that we are used to on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Virtual keyboards are here to stay. The virtual keyboard on the iPad looks simple and easy to use. I’m just wondering where you rest your palm. But maybe there’s a new way of touch typing.

Lag free. There seems to be absolutely no lag from app to app on the iPad and even when zooming in and out quickly from its maps app with full details.

Some tech details:

  • 9.7-inch IPS TFT LCD display: the ultimate in TFT LCD technology, IPS (In-Plane Switching).
  • 0.5-inch thick: This is really thin!
  • 1.5 pounds: And incredibly light.
  • Capacitive multitouch.
  • 1GHz Apple A4 CPU.
  • 16GB – 64GB flash storage.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Speaker, Microphone, 30-in Connector
  • Accelerometer, Compass

Apple A4 CPU: And no where else will you see a tablet featuring this CPU.

Battery Life: 10 hours of watching videos. An incredible month of standby time. Note: An iPad has been to Tokyo and back. Is it already being mass manufactured?

Apps: Can run all iPhone apps unmodified out of the box. You can “pixel double” the iPhone apps to take advantage of the entire screen on the iPad. The iPhone SDK supports development for the iPad.

The New York Times: A special app for the iPad. Layout is just like the standard Paper. There are drop-down contextual menus for such things as resizing the text.

Brushes: A paint app with layers that looks pretty impressive.

iBooks: Apple’s e-book reader app. Has a virtual bookshelf. Connects to a new iBook Store iBookstore. Partners are Penguin, Macmillion, Simon & Shuster, Harper Collins, Hachett Book Group, etc. E-books actually look like real books and the page-turn animation is cool. And the e-books are in the open-standard ePub format.

iWork for iPad: The UI is completely redone for the iPad. Looks like the iPad could be used as a creation tool as well as a consumption tool. $9.99 price for each iWork app. That means Pages is $9.99, Numbers is $9.99 and Keynote is $9.99. Overall a fantastic price.

USB Sync: Just like the iPhone and iPod touch the iPad syncs over USB.

Connectivity: All models will have WiFi and some will have 3G. The 3G models will have two plans:

  • $14.99 for 250MB of data per month.
  • $29.99 for unlimited of data per month.

And it’s AT&T. You get to use AT&T WiFi hotspots for free. All iPad 3G models are unlocked and use new GSM microSIMs. And no contracts. Hurray! International deals around June/July.

Pricing: And this is the most amazing part! The WiFi-only models:

  • $499 for 16GB
  • $599 for 32GB
  • $699 for 64GB

The iPad 3G model pricing:

  • $629 for 16GB
  • $729 for 32GB
  • $829 for 64GB

Availability: WiFi models will be available in 60 days while the 3G models will be available in 90 days.

Peripherals: There is the regular dock and a keyboard dock. And a case. Looks like the iPad will be replacing the lower-end segment of the notebook and the high-end segment of the netbook markets.


  • Can I tether the iPhone to the iPad? It would be redundant to have two data plans from AT&T especially when the iPhone will almost always be next to the iPad.