Don’t Need No Flash

Kendell Helmstetter Gelner responds to TheFlashBlog: Except for Farmville and Hulu all of the other sites have non-Flash version for browsers that do not support Flash, including MobileSafari on the iPhone. Earlier, TheFlashBlog’s Lee Brimelow posted up mock screens of sites that supposedly didn’t support Flash. Well, it seems Brimelow didn’t check to see whether or not these sites actually worked without Flash. It turns out they do: CNN, FWA, Addicting Games, Google Finance, Aviary, and Disney. Spongebob Squarepants has many native iPhone apps.

Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber regarding Flash:

Used to be you could argue that Flash, whatever its merits, delivered content to the entire audience you cared about. That’s no longer true, and Adobe’s Flash penetration is shrinking with each iPhone OS device Apple sells.

Technically, Adobe’s Flash penetration would not shrink as long as there is an equal number of Windows and Android devices sold. But I do agree that developers will not be able to reach their target audiences with just Flash. Increasingly the audience they want to reach will be without Flash.