Raskin’s Device

I agree with Dan Cohen (The PITS and the iPad):

It only took 31 years … but I think the iPad is the device Raskin envisioned.

Jef Raskin, “was an American human-computer interface expert best-known for starting the Macintosh project for Apple Computer in the late 1970s.” (Source: Wikipedia) In 1979 he shared his principles for a computer designed for the Person In The Street (PITS) in Design Considerations for an Anthropophilic Computer. Here is one requirement I especially like:

If the computer must be opened for any reason other than repair (for which our prospective user must be assumed incompetent) even at the dealer’s, then it does not meet our requirement.

A Quick Observation: I’ve been testing the Nexus One and I cannot help being completely disappointed at the battery/microSD/SIM cover: a PITS should not know to open it and if he did, would require many trials before successfully closing it. Raskin would not be happy.